Your HORROR – Scope for the week of: Dec. 20th, 2015

Humorous Interludes by Ron Yarosh


Hi there anticipators of gloom.

Here we go again with another week of the world’s most accurate predictions (if you discount the errors).

This week’s list includes a cerebellum, mattresses, and the ever popular, tan line.


Aries… Pluto is in tri-quadrinal mode now. That’s a bad indicator for you. Your enemies are planning to groom you with a lawnmower. You will escape with minor injuries, but you will bleed a lot.

Taurus… Mars is semi-distal to Taurus now. That’s a terrible sign. Your enemies will attempt to burn a tan line around your cerebellum. It won’t work and, it will be a little painful. Hopefully you will survive.

Gemini… Venus is in ultra-tri-modal position now. That’s not a good sign for a Gemini. Your enemies will attempt to either dumb down your wisdom teeth, or excise your incisors. Either way it will be quit painful.


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