Why I think we should try and have Christmas every day


More Presence

And I’m not talking about gifts!

Christmas, to me, means love. Whether it’s with family, friends or for yourself.

For some, however, Christmas can mean debt, stress, depression or loneliness, to name but a few struggles that come with the pressure we can put on ourselves and each other to celebrate in the modern fashion. From to cooking up feasts for a whole host of people and making sure you try and complete someone’s Amazon Wishlist, to finding somewhere to go so you’re not on your own (been there!).

I’d like to ask you to turn the word ‘Presents’ into Presence this year. Christmas is a time where we can really take a moment to stop, look around and be here in the moment.

You may be together with all of your friends and family, so take a moment to recognise all of the smiles and hugs and warm hearts…

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