Planet Abstraction: Jupiter’s Quest for Faith

Cosmic Cannibal

How does this faith-based planet influence the personality?

If you’re not familiar with astrology’s king of the Gods, allow me to introduce you. Jupiter is a scholarly skirt-chaser, perpetually perched on his Olympian throne on the lookout for new ideas and philosophies in search of truth and the answers to everything. The secular ambitions of this planet lead your abstract mind on a path to higher ideals, encouraging personal growth, and the growth of your moral code.


I bet you didn’t think Jupiter was such a heavy hitter.

His hunger for the heavenly truth is due to his dominion over religion and philosophy. But I have found that astrology scarcely explores the incentives behind Jupiter’s quest for faith and knowledge. I touched on the unheralded religious nature of Sagittarius in my post about the mutable signs, and how both the Centaur and Jupiter-ruled individuals seek to discover their own…

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