Planet Abstraction: Mars

Cosmic Cannibal

The planet of action and passion, Mars is an important component of the personality. Named after the Roman god of War, Mars, and its corresponding sign Aries represent the raw, untamed physical nature of a person. It is the planet of physical action.

Typical Mars associations are: confidence, bravery, action, sex, violence, anger, independence, aggression, war, confrontation, ambition, impulsiveness, courage, initiative, and energy.

f12a6e46e9293c6ec2c5961cf71c5e65Mars, the Red Planet

The atmosphere of Mars is dusty and dry, with extreme seasons; short intensely hot summers, and briefly cold winters. These attributes are similar to the behaviors of an Aries or fire sign Mars. When they want something, they want it with a high degree of desire and passion, and that intensity is what pumps blood through their body. But when they are thwarted, Aries will fall down briefly, like the cold winter, only to be inspired by yet another extreme desire.

Your aggression…

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