Your HORROR – Scope for the week of: Dec. 13th, 2015

Humorous Interludes by Ron Yarosh

horoscope chart

Hello seekers of tomorrow’s pain.

Here’s another week’s worth of misery.

It’s your favorite, prognosticator of doom and gloom.

Too bad we still have such unfortunate news in this time of celebration and preparation.

Buy hey…That’s life in the Big Universe.

This week’s surprises include a scaffold, a Geek, and the ever popular, Pilates Ball.


Aries… Pluto is in bi-trinal position now. That’s an indication of trouble for you. One day, you will try to be bold and fold a scaffold. You won’t succeed. You will become heart broken and depressed.

Taurus… Neptune is super-juxtaposing Taurus now. That indicates trouble for you. In the future you, your enemies will dip you in extra hot, Pico de gallo sauce. You will survive, but hate Mexican food as a result.

Gemini… Uranus is in tri-quadrinal mode at this time. That’s a terrible indicator. Not long from now, your…

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