Timing and the Archer

journeys in the astral light

This will be my last post for 2015. At this time I am working on a long post about the discovery of Neptune, another long essay on house systems, an exploration of Gemini and an article on how The 26 Keys can be applied to shamanic visionquest and magical pathworking techniques. In addition, I have a message from Pluto to deliver. I am hoping that all of those things will manifest in 2016, but it is set to be another very busy year for me, so no promises!

My last post for 2015 is a sharing on Saturn in Sagittarius, which began a 2.5 year transit this year and has been dominating the news, leading to a ‘year of the refugees’ and a controversial hard line being taken against immigration by a presidential candidate, among other things. This material comes from my notes and will be especially useful (hopefully) to…

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