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Combining the two “Royal Beasts” of the animal Kingdom,
the Lion and the Eagle are merged into a fearsome creature: the Gryphon (griffon or griffin) .

Gryphon AmuletGryphon Amulet

The earliest images of griffins are the thirty five hundred year old frescoes
in the Throne Room of the Palace of Knossos.
It continued being a favored beast in Archaic and Classical Greek art.
The Gryphon appears about a thousand years after Bronze Age in Crete
around the fifth to fourth century BCE originating from the Persian Empire.
The Greeks adopted the Gryphon as sacred animals loyal to Apollo.
Some have suggested that the word “Gryphon” is cognate with Cherub.

As a creature identified in so many cultures,
Adrienne Mayor proposed the Gryphon was an ancient misconception
derived from the fossilized remains of the Protoceratops
found in gold mines in southeastern Kazakhstan.

With centuries of lore surrounding the Gryphon,

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