New Moon in Sagittarius – Friday, December 11, 2015 5:29am EST

Tarot by Cecelia

Perhaps you can finally peak out from under the blindfold. Success can be yours at this time. Be honest with yourself and others. The truth is important at this time. Seek out emotional fulfillment. Thank the universe for your blessings and wash away the nonsense.

Balance your emotions, especially with this New Moon. You have managed to achieve so much. Hard work and commitment have their rewards. You feel better able to defend your position.

There are some big changes afoot with this New Moon. You have survived big endings to arrive at beautiful new beginnings. The universe bestows some good luck in your direction and life begins to feel a little more fair.

The thing or things, or people, or situations, which have been the source of your struggle have been eliminated. You have opportunities for change and emotional growth.

Celebrations are in order at this time. Freedom from…

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