Mercury square Jupiter 2015-12-04 (Yods)


Mercury square Jupiter can be benevolent, but often it is not.  People talk too much, say things they cannot take back, overspend, overeat, and maybe overdo it in other ways.  Obviously, these are wrong uses of the aspect.

But, Mercury square Jupiter can bring “luck” in areas such as lotto winnings, or seconds chances when you probably do not deserve one.  Arguably, it is one of a small handful of aspects associated with “grace.”

This particular one has a long term Yod (decisions) and T-Squares (anger or the energy to get things done, take your pick) embedded in it.  We present the chart, filtered for the Yods (two, possibly four, overlapping Yods):

2015-12-04 Mercury Square Jupiter (Yods)

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Both Vesta (tradition) and South Node (doing things we have always done them, and not growing because of that) are at the apex at these overlapping Yods.   Astraea (law and legal system) is on one…

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