Gemstones for Scorpio Ascendants

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For the most part, recommending gemstones for Vedic Astrology is a pretty straightforward process. Strengthen inherently beneficial planets with their corresponding gemstones, especially if they’re weak and could use the extra assistance. Do not wear gemstones for malefic (troublesome) planets, instead try planetary mantras and other remedial measures. Wearing gemstones for beneficial planets produces beneficial results. Wearing gemstones for inauspicious planets produces inauspicious results. If this concept makes sense to you so far, congratulations! You’ve just passed Vedic Gemology 101.

Unfortunately, there is much debate about which planets are beneficial for the various signs of the Zodiac, and this naturally causes confusion about the astrological gemstones that should be worn by those signs. The Scorpio lagna (rising sign) and its corresponding gemstones are often at the heart of this debate.

Sharp, intuitive, and mysterious, Scorpio ascendants are some of my favorite individuals. They’re quite frequently a great source of entertainment and insight, having a dark but refreshing sense of humor and refined observational skills. Sometimes it seems as though they have x-ray vision, seeing right through the people they’re talking to for…

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