What do you believe?

A Fool's Inclination

Four days ago, Saturn at 7o 2’ Sagittarius made an exact square to Neptune at 7o 2’ Pisces. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and there is no shortage of information to ponder.

A square butts two energies/archetypes/morphogenic fields against each other emphasizing the contrast between them. With Saturn and Neptune, this is easy because the two are as opposite as they come.

  • Saturn builds…Neptune dissolves
  • Saturn is structured…Neptune is amorphous
  • Saturn is disciplined…Neptune cannot be pinned down
  • Saturn is objective…Neptune is subjective
  • Saturn is unemotional…Neptune is nothing but feeling and sensation
  • Saturn is everything you can see and/or touch…Neptune is everything else
  • Saturn is clear and conscious…Neptune is foggy, dreamy, illusory
  • Saturn asks you to wake up and smell the coffee, which might be burning on the stove…Neptune asks you to shut your eyes, fall asleep, dream, fantasize, take this pill, and fall into the…

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