Sun and Saturn Conjunction


Important Notes: The result of conjunction of planets should be modified in the light of Parashari Principles of lordship of planets for eg. Saturn will be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Mars would be ‘Yog Karaka’ for Cancer and Leo ascendants as these planets become lords of Kendra and Trikona and hence capable of giving excellent result. Lagana lord and trikona lord are always beneficial.

Sun and Saturn conjunction generally gives learned, mature in behavior, metallurgist, loses wife and son, “sell of minerals, virtues good qualities, wealthy and happy with family”. The conjunction gives the following result in the following houses.

  • If conjunction is in the first house, the native will be sinful, dirty disposition with immoral conduct.
  • If it forms in 4th house, the native will be poor and will be humiliated by relatives.
  • In the 7th house, native will be stupid, dull brained, liar, jealous…

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