LILITH – From Demon Succubus to Modern Goddess

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

11010549_858650004202266_6975719751762507642_nIt wasn’t too long ago, only a decade or so, that if you mentioned the name Lilith, most people would have limited knowledge of her mythology and back story.  Today, when we examine a modern 21st century Lilith, her rise in popularity is such that she has gained goddess status, favoured by women for her powerful sexual archetype.  But Lilith has never been a goddess, although she has hung out with one or two.  From her many incarnations throughout history, her most well known story comes from the Judaic texts as the first wife of Adam, created by God to partner with his greatest creation.

But really, they never got on.  Rebellious from the very beginning, she refused Adam’s command to lay beneath him in sexual repose, and instead snubbed her nose at God, flew the Garden of Eden and headed to the Red Sea where she proceeded to…

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