Soar Like an Eagle or a Kite

Angelic Times with Michelle

where the eagles soarThere are sweet moments when I locate the cracks in the walls of your heart.
I hide there in safety and comfort of the real love I find there, only to be ripped out suddenly like a theif in the night and cast into a roadside ditch
like a disease being purged from the earth.  Left for dead it seems, still I rise up again and again and like a butterfly, I fly back into your arms showing you that I am yours to keep.

I feel that you believe my love is there to change you in some way.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For you see, my love, changing you would be no good for either of us.  No, my true desires for you, for us, is to simply break away the walls that are holding you captive; to liberate your true self and set it…

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