The Paris-Beirut Offensive

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Paris Chart

“What happened in Paris is what is happening in Syria several times a day. This is what the Syrians and Palestinian refugees are fleeing. The refugees are several nationalities, all fleeing US and UK perpetuated wars. Imagine if 9/11 happened every single day on US soil. Syrian lives are exactly the same importance as our lives.”

-Madrone Jack

An Orison for the City of Lights, The Paris Yod: November 13th, 2015, 9:16 pm (Central European Time)

The headlines could be read around the world delivered with glaring horror and reality to the dark mirrors of our age. 129 dead, 200 injured, 99 critically, after ISIS claims responsibility for the attacks in revenge over the French military backed bombings of Syria. ISIS claiming that Paris was a key target in their operations. ISIS claimed responsibility in very short order after the events were seared into collective memory. It was the result…

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