Higher Octave Planets and People: Uranus and Mercury

Cosmic Cannibal

I’ve been absorbed in the link between planets and the personality as of late. But I’ve been really curious about the Higher Octave and Lower Octave planets. There are 3 Octave squads; Uranus & Mercury, Venus & Neptune, and Pluto & Mars. You can find limited material that gives you a brief description of these planets, but usually the lens of focus is wider, and the descriptions are loose; seldom do you find anything that actually relates the information to personal behavior in a tangible way. I want to explore how the Higher and Lower Octave planets of Uranus and Mercury work together to impact us and our minds.

First we will start with a brief definition.

Lower Octave planets are the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus), and they have a concentrated intention to push you to express yourself.  Higher Octave planets take the characteristic foundations of…

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