Transformation is Within~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity

L'Au'RaAttempting to fix and change REALITY through external means, what appears outside of oneself, whether that outside of oneself, is a World issue, or Personal Life issue, is a temporary band-aid, at best.

It is the application of SELF LOVE ~ that every person, whether in this incarnation or another, will come TO the Awareness and Experience Of.

It is the Love, which is 100 PERCENT Unconditional, and cannot be compared to the love of Attachments and Fear, victimhood and co dependency, which has masqueraded as True Love.

THIS Love is experienced WITHIN Oneself and then Shared with ANOTHER.

All things impact the WHOLE. As Each ONE Loves within, this equally, impacts the Whole.

The NEW level of Relationships and “Being” in 5th Dimensional Consciousness is PURE Unconditional Love, and is experienced as the Consciousness within, that absolutely changes and Unifies ALL Reality, without.

In truth there is nothing to…

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