A Conversation About Passion, Work, And Our Impact On The World


Following to an inspiring comment made in MiddleMe that led me full of thoughts and leaving me the thirst to know more about others’ passion in them. You see, passion in people about their work is pretty rare and given that I have the capacity to share this out with the rest of my audience out there, I jumped ahead of myself and I have invited Cedrick (the owner of the inspiration comment and TruCircuit Media) for a ‘sit down’ interview and to my surprise and delight, and I’m honored that he has accept graciously to my interview.

I do hoped that you will enjoy reading the below interview as much as I have enjoyed interviewing Cedrick!



Kally: Hi Cedrick, You left a comment on my site that inspired me to do a post on your thoughts. You have a kind of raw emotion about your job, which is…

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