Venus Love Signs


Aries: Always speaks their mind, and says what they want. There’s no mind games, and really they just want you to have a good time

Taurus: Buys the best presents and is always up for spending time with you just chilling at home, or whatever

Gemini: Will always show you a good time, and can really hold a converation with you, or anybody

Cancer: No suprises in this relationship, and gives you unconditional love, stability and kindness

Leo: Always tries to show you that they’re good enough for you, and always boasts about having such a great partner

Virgo: Wants a real relationship, and always tries their best to maintain it. They don’t care for all the frills, they just want you

Libra: Never fails to charm and sweep you off your feet, shows you love and kindness in whatever way they can

Scorpio: Always has deep, strong, real feelings…

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