Friday the 13th: The Symbolism of the France attack.

Also noteworthy: Crescent Moon in the sky.


freaky friday


At this point it is too early too know if there was any deep significance behind the attack on France or if it was just some childish, appeal to young people who would think it profoundly meaningful.  What is of interest though, is that France is where the original Knights Templar came from.   9 men from France went to the Holy Land and dug under Solomon’s temple and found something which they took to the Roman Catholic Church and they were sanctioned and granted sovereignty over themselves. In 1307 king Philip IV of France launched a surprise attack on the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th essentially decimating the order and it’s reputation from that point on.  Could it be that this attack is to remind people of the hatred that terrorists have for the Crusaders?  It is interesting to remember that Obama defended ISIS once by comparing them to the Crusaders. …

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