Deity and the Rising of the Moon

The Magickal Pen


The Moon is waxing towards its fullness on Oct. 27th. and the Goddess is flowing strongly through every part of my life. For this week’s Pagan Experience writing our focus is on Deity and the Divine and with that though in mind, I offer the experience of connection I have felt as the Moon moves through Her phases.

Although there are many Deities that I work work, the energy of Goddess in her mantle of Moon is present continually. She informs all aspects of my work, both mundane and magickally and each night as the darkness cloaks the sky Her watchful gaze is ever present. The interesting thing is that over the years, as I have consciously chosen to connect with the Goddess through her lunar phases, the depth of expression of that energy has opened to me as the veiling of the night sky and all that resides in…

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