Where is Atlantis? Part 3

Kaye James

Could an ancient, possibly fictitious city be buried under a sand dune in Illinois? Anything is possible, but how likely is this? When there is a perplexing question, science often helps with finding an answer. I will examine what light science can shed on the question.

North America is Laurentia in this depiction

Science has determined that the North American land mass was near the south pole, approximately 650 million years ago. Approximately 458 million years ago, North American was by the equator. There is evidence of animals and fish existing before this period.

As the Pacific Northwest comfortably passed through the Paleozoic Era, it witnessed a veritable explosion of life. Off its shores, most of the major groups of animals first appear in the fossil record in the Cambrian Period some 540 million years ago. The first fish appeared in the Ordovician Period, perhaps 500 million years ago. The…

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