Daily Aspects – Nov 7 & 8 – Soulful Clarity and Desires

5D Astrology

Saturday night and Sunday are all about the wrapping up of some Soulful lessons we have been going through with the North Node in Libra, Sign of relationship/relating-ship, since Feb 18, 2014.

On Nov 12, the North Node will ingress Virgo and the Soul-Level emphasis will change to lessons around health, service/duty/honor, work/workplace, food production, roommates, accounting, etc.

As the North Node is now sitting at the final minutes of Libra, as the Personal Planets make aspects to the Node, we can expect to see the culmination of the lessons of the last 18 months. First the Sun will Semi-Square the North Node on Saturday, then Venus will Conjunct the North Node on Sun Sunday as she moves into the Sign of Libra and mercury will Semi-Square the North Node on Nov 11. So over the next few days we will have clarity (Sun), desires (Venus) and communication and ideas…

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