Space Exploration

2015: A Space Odyssey

I think I discovered a new genre. Well, not discovered discovered and not new new. It’s actually old and quite an obscure term. Gothic Science Fiction, aka space goth, which is my preferred term.  I came upon it because I wanted to know what exactly it was that I was writing. No surprise that even though Blade Runner is mostly “cyber-Codex_Necrons_3Epunk neo-noir”, it has elements of space goth. I saw what I was writing first. It contains a bit of that, what with my recent obsession with 80s goth. The recent modern goth and space goth fashion movements have influenced me as well. I feel I’m a bit flamboyant with how much fashion and aesthetics influence my writing, but here we are.

I don’t want to be too terribly wordy with my writing, but I desperately want the reader to see exactly what I see. Which is a lot…

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