As Everything Changes~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


As everything changes within you and around you, and you become more aware of your new foundational resting place within your Heart, recognize within you, your new reference point of you as Eternal Light (5th Dimensional Consciousness) and continue to anchor in your Consciousness, you Being an Eternal Being of Light, in the Present Moment. This is the home of your eternal Consciousness.

This anchoring in, so to speak, removes all past reference points as you begin to function not only differently, but also, in what appears as being in a New World. You are manoeuvring through what may seem at times, as different levels of consciousness, back and forth. This will settle, as the consciousness of 3D, continues (this is a momentum) to shatter and dissolve within you.

Everything may feel like it is falling apart, and it is.

Surrender to this unravelling and falling apart and dissolving, it is…

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