when she knew.

what sandra thinks

grand central station

“When did you know?” he asked. His fingers gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

“When did I know what?” She knew exactly what he was after but she made him work for it. And she made him smile.

“Oh honey. You know what I mean. When did you know you… wanted me?”

Her smile became a soft laugh. “Well, I wanted you the day we met. I was not expecting all of this…” She ran her fingers slowly up his body from his waist to his heart. “I thought I was going to spend the afternoon lugging furniture and boxes up four flights by myself.”

“And then you tried to impale me.” He laughed at her.

“Hey! That was an accident.”

“I have a scar!”

“Maybe you should have been paying attention to the crazy girl blindly climbing the stairs with a chair.”

“I was paying attention,” he…

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