Post-Karmic Stress Disorder and the Morphing of Reality

5D Astrology

There are a couple of major things going on in the cosmos right now that we are feeling as background energies:

  1. Uranus and Neptune are Retrograde
  2. Saturn is applying to Square Neptune

The first one I am calling Post-Karmic Stress Disorder (PKSD) as it seems to more easily help you identify the energy. Uranus is our revelatory mind of out-of-the-box thinking that creates CHANGE when we need it in order to keep evolving. Neptune is our collective unconscious mind where we are all connected and share the ‘godhead’ of wisdom as well as the repository of our entire ‘human existence’. They both rule many things, but I want to keep this short;)

Uranus and Neptune are 2 of the 3 Higher Minds that I write about in 5D Astrology. If you can learn to understand these 3 Higher Mind Planets, you will never be at the mercy of the physical…

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