A poisonous cobra’s venom can kill in less than an hour

Good to know about these without being anywhere near one.

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The Indian cobra is probably the most famous of India’s venomous snakes. It is embedded in Indian mythology and culture and is recognized as a powerful Hindu deity. It is also the creature of choice for India’s brazen snake charmers. The Indian cobra is one of a collection of snakes known as the ‘Big Four’ (the others include the common krait, Russell’s viper and the saw-scaled viper). These slippery customers are responsible for the highest number of snakebites in the country.Can be easily identified by having hood and adjoined rounded mark on posterior of hood. Color of Spectacles Cobra greatly depends on geographical areas. In and around human habitation and agricultural lands it can seen commonly as a rodent predator. Always raise hood on disturbance or to alarm its enemy. Typical spact-shaped mark is usually present which is characteristic of this species. Body slender with smooth oval shaped scales. Dorsal color includes…

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