The Journey Continues – A Time of Introspection

Journey to the Center of the Mind

Journey InwardHalloween has passed, many of the trees are now bare of leaves, for this is a time when growing ceases in the external world for those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere. So when we see the squirrel storing up nuts for the Winter and animal’s coats getting thicker, we know that there will soon be a chill in the air and possibly snow on the ground.

For we who are spiritual beings having this physical experience, now has come that time when our internal world has a chance to grow and flourish, if we so desire. The external world can be such a distraction, especially during the Spring, Summer and even Fall, but with the arrival of the cold, we have an opportunity presented to us to journey inward and explore a world that is available solely to each one of us. No other can take this…

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