Last Quarter Moon in Leo…with my deep reflection.

The Walden Moon

By Jongmee Illustration by Jongmee

I have been feeling incredibly grateful as of late…and have been inspired even more. The power of synchronicity has me in awe and I can’t sit quiet any longer…I must share.

For the past year I have been paying attention to myself and my body a lot more than I ever have before. Just a year ago I started taking yoga classes here and there…but never really consistently. If you recently read I finally took the plunge and signed up for unlimited yoga with an auto-draft out of my account every month. It was my way of holding myself accountable to actually GO to yoga class every week…if I’m paying for it monthly…than I had better go. So far…I can feel a shift in my whole being. I’m making time for me…and I’m taking responsibility.

Which brings me to another personal goal (which I originally wasn’t…

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