Muddy Heels: Chapter 4a

To be continued?

Writers of the Rain

My tainted reflection stares impassively

Raw, jagged, unsightly

Like the wounds I will not

Cannot acknowledge

One touch, one caress

To heal all, both inside and out

The fall is easier

When taken alone

I will never again

Fill your broken and empty

Holes with my suffering

These scars were made for you

My hand reaches my cheek

My soul cries and bows

Giving in, giving up

To a touch I’ll never embrace

To the things I cannot feel

To the face I cannot face


The next day (I almost said morning – ha!) my eyes mawed open around noon. I loved waking up at noon. My townhome was angled just right so the sun reflected slivers of light through my blinds and onto the edges of my bed. Something about it was so…cozy. I didn’t move a muscle, but enjoyed the feel of my body gulped…

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