Magic: Astrology and the Imum Coeli

Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures (and testing of astrological concepts). Do stop by our blog “Grandtrines.” We advocate precisely the kind of testing of oracles that you are describing.

Wanderings in the Labyrinth

I’m working my way through Christopher Warnock’s course on astrology at — there’s no polite way to put this — a snail’s pace.  Maybe glacially would be a better choice of adverb, actually.  Nonetheless, every time I take a crack at the material, I feel like a door into its deeper mysteries opens another half-inch or so, and I feel like Howard Carter on November 29, 1922. I don’t know that I believe in astrology, in the same way one believes in God or in angels or in the meaning of the number 7.  But I’m starting to get how it allegedly works.  And it feels… not right, exactly. But like plucking on a string, and feeling the whole instrument flutter a little.

Today was like that. There were a lot of awful things that happened today and yesterday and the day before.  My art show launched, which was good.  But…

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