I’m Back!!! 

Nice pics!


Safely arrive at Malaysia in one piece! Thank you for your patience with me with all the emails and the award posts, I’ll follow up with them one by one as soon as possible. Thank you each and every one of you for not abandoning MiddleMe while I was away.

How’s my trip? I’ll let the photos do the talking while I start flexing my fingers for my next post. Enjoy!
(PS. you won’t find me in my photos because most of the photos involving me are not taken by my iPhone.)

IMG_1645The Terracotta Warriors. If you looked closely enough, you’ll find that on the other side of the gallery are full of tourists.

IMG_1728We took a cable car up the Hua Mountain (华山), just look at the breathtaking view! OMG!

IMG_1754The climb up the Eastern Peak of Hua Mountain. The steps on the way up the peak is pretty…

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