Hestia – Goddess of the Home, Hearth, & Altar

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Hestia, also known by her Roman name, Vesta, resides in every home as the keeper of the flame. Although she is often overlooked and underplayed in mythology, her kind, compassionate spirit listens rather than overpowers. A quiet goddess, who never married or had children, Hestia (which literally means “hearth”) tends to the fires that warm our homes, and our hearts. And without her, we’d be living a much colder experience – both literally, and spiritually.

Hestia was the first child of Kronos and Rhea. However, her father swallowed her when she was an infant, and then regurgitated her at Zeus’ command, making her both the oldest and youngest born sibling. She is depicted as being veiled, and is often accompanied by a flowering branch or kettle.

This is fitting because Hestia oversees cooking and the preparation of the sacred family meal. During the month of November, we can honor her…

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