Falling Leaves

Goth Gal

Hello dear readers! I hope you enjoyed Gothtober, I personally had a ton of fun with the series.

And yes, Goth Gal’s boss is still smashed…ah Mondays.

So, Today I have some news and updates for you:

First, I have completely changed the Goth Gal Patreon Page. Now you can support Goth Gal monthly for as little as 50 cents! There are a bunch of new rewards, new tiers and new Goth Gal swag–like high resolution comic pages, wallpapers, signed sketches, plush toys and weekly videos–so take a look if any of that interests you.

Second, this week the website will be under construction so you may see some dust or I may take a page down, but it will only be temporary and the main site is going to remain 100% active.

Third, Goth Gal Quarterly 2 will be here soon. It…

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