Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – Men and Women in Service to Each Other

5D Astrology

Building all day on Monday will be an aspect between Venus (women) and Mars (men), or archetypal female/male energies.

When these 2 Planets are in aspect, we get to see how motivated (Mars) we really are to achieve our desires (Venus). Some aspects put the gender energies at each others’ throats (Square/Opposition) and some put them in total harmony (Trine and 5D aspects). When they meet in a Conjunction, there is a bit of stress as we try to occupy the same space with our desires and motivations. But it is a helpful day as these 2 Planets begin a new cycle this year that will be centered around all things Virgo: work, employment, service/duty/honor, volunteering, accounting, health/fitness, healthcare, food production, our ‘to-do’ lists and more.

At 8:10pm on Monday night, Venus at 24:03 Virgo Conjuncts Mars. This is men and women working (Virgo) together (Conjunction). They are working in…

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