Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – Soulful Consciousness

5D Astrology

There are no major aspects occurring on Sunday, but there is an early morning one on Monday that you could feel on Sunday night. The timing of these aspects that I write about can be slightly different for each of us depending on other aspects made to your Natal Chart. Still, its crazy how close to the real time you will sense these aspects. Mercury aspects are usually the easiest to detect as they are about communication and ideas. Usually there will be words spoken or written to you or from you.

That is the case on Sunday night/Monday morning when at 5:59am Mercury at 0:16 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 0:16 Libra. Now this is Mercury’s first aspect after ingressing Scorpio so the subject matter could be less about ‘relating-ships’ and more about intimacy and sharing. The North Node is a Soul-Level lesson. The North Node has been…

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