Astro-Tarot for November, 2015

Tarot by Cecelia

“In all things, give thanks!”

General – For all Signs:

This is definitely a month to be thankful. With Mercury and Saturn out of shadow, life begins to move again. The universe will finally start to hand you the things you believed would never happen. Do not put yourself in your own way. You have the ability to really make some progress now. Gentle patience and hard work will bring great rewards and put you on a healing path.

You will begin to feel stronger and more self-reliant this month. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow as, truly your future lies before you. Maintain a compassionate, earthy nature. The road is long, and often uncertain, but you have the strength and determination to persevere. You have a ways to go, so keep your eye on the prize.

Around the third week of the month, you will be aware…

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