The Infamous Roxy Theater

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7 Facts About The Infamous Roxy Theater That Show How Crazy The 80s Really Were!

1. On The Rox”On The Rox was a private bar above the Roxy Theater known for celebrity parties. While today it’s been remodeled, in the 80s it was where famous people could go and get wild without the eyes of the public on them.”  

2. Heidi Fleiss                                      “The famous madam to the stars, Fleiss was known to organize private parties at On The Rox, no doubt including many of her ladies.”  

3. John Belushi’s Death
“On The Rox was the last place comedian John Belushi was seen still alive. In 1982, after drinking at On The Rox, Belushi went back to his room at the Chateau Marmont. He was later found dead from…

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