Sun/Moon Blends: Gemini Sun, Leo Moon


Pure Goddess

You can call me anything you want, except boring or ordinary.”

– Some Gemini Sun with a Leo Moon

With this Solar/Lunar blend, you should be counting all of the ways which reveal your versatility as a human being. There’s a pride factor attached to the potential to “wear many hats” and be what the moment requires. In order to extract the maximum potential from this combination, a “celebration of self” is an emotional necessity.

Depending on the circumstances, your “party” could be comprised of overt attention seeking antics or a glowing inner confidence which is nurtured through genuine appreciation of all that’s unique about you. Accessing the light of deep creativity within your heart can undoubtedly serve you as a portal which allows you to express you adaptability to a myriad of lifestyles, people and situations.

Cultivating such abilities can have far-reaching implications for playing in the big…

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