Saturn In Astrology

Astrologer Parshant Kapoor

saturn in astrology saturn in astrology

Saturn is one of the most important and vital planet in astrology. It is also the planet of judgement. the existence of Saturn in various signs in the horoscope gives certain physical and mental qualities to the person…………..

Saturn In Aries – It gives a ruddy complexion, a spare and full faced. dark hair, resolute, quarrelsome and little negative person.

Saturn In Taurus – It makes a person a very heavy, lumpish, awkward appearance, middle stature, sordid and viscous.

Saturn In Gemini – Represents a person of rather tall stature, dark and sanguine. Oval face, complexion visage, dark brown or black hair. Unfortunate in his undertakings.

Saturn In Cancer – It denotes a person of  middle stature. rather short than tall. Sickly and feeble. Body sometimes crooked. Jealous, malicious and deceitful.

Saturn In Leo – It gives a moderate stature, round shoulders, wide chest, light hair, large…

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