Intensifying Gamma Rays~Spotlighting your Awareness

The New Divine Humanity


The Intensifying Frequencies of Light and Gamma Rays are acting as a Spotlight, so to speak, highlighting your Consciousness, offering to you, an intensifying of YOUR Relationship to You. This relationship within yourself, to yourself, represents your Awareness.  How present you are in All Moments, is the level of Conscious Union and Awareness you experience with the Eternal You, your Divinity, your Soul. Which is always, present for you, in every moment.

Consciousness never sleeps. Sleep here on Earth is the letting go of the minds control, allowing you to enter into deeper communication with your Soul, without the minds interference of the process. This deeper state of consciousness is free from the experience of limitation. This is a Letting go. A surrender.  This letting go and deeply relaxed surrender state of consciousness awareness, may also be experienced in what is called the waking state. Measuring Brain wave frequencies, this deep relaxation…

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