[Pinups] Succubus – Tessa


Here’s my Halloween pinup featuring a lovely succubus!


On my Deviantart poll, I had people suggest what they wanted me to draw for a Halloween pinup. I put in Devil/Succubus, Catgirl, Witch, Ghost, Werewolf, and Zombie for choices. Eventually it was Devil/Succubus that got most votes, and that didn’t really surprise me (since my devil/succubus pinups are some of my most popular ones). I do have to say that it’s been quite a while since I last drew a devil girl or succubus.

I went on drawing a sexy succubus sitting on a tombstone. While drawing her, I remembered that I forgot to add “Vampire” as one of the choices on my poll, so I thought I might as well give her some fangs. And because I think she looks good with them! Rather odd but I was going to make her green skinned, but I ditched that in favor…

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