The Good Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty

The Tawdry Tales of Tess


Come on ladies, let’s dish about taking dirty….

In my younger days I found it challenging to talk dirty.  Although I was capable of doing some really naughty things, (you’ve seen this blog…I have been very naughty) explicit dialogue still made me blush.

Why is that?

I mean, I could be in the middle of fucking someone who had me pinned to the wall of his girlfriend’s dorm room, but uttering the words, “fuck me harder” escaped me.  I couldn’t say “bad things” like that.  The utterance of the word cock, dick or god-forbid, pussy, made me shudder with shame.  It’s almost as if I was a slutty prude.  I could screw with the best of them, but couldn’t talk the talk.  It was a real obstacle for me.

I was a proper and polite Southern woman,who just couldn’t narrate the porn scenes she was living.

It took a real…

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