3D Robotics’ Solo drone is about to get a lot more useful

When 3D Robotics announced its Solo quadcopter, one of the more intriguing features was an accessory bay. Instead of opening up the Solo and wiring in, or screwing on an accessory (as is common with hobby drones — including the ubiquitous Phantom 2), you would simply “plug and play.” Until now, that’s all we really knew, but today the company is announcing “Made for Solo” — a program that will standardize, and encourage the development of third-party accessories for the self-proclaimed “smart drone.” If you make infrared cameras, for example, you could make a version just for Solo and have it work seamlessly with the drone’s GPS and smart flight modes. Basically, any gadget, sensor or product that could squeeze into, and be lifted by, a quadcopter could be integrated into the Solo as if it were native to the product.

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