Pisces vs Virgo In The Paint Can

In the pocket

 Is it possible for Pisces and Virgo to navigate through the challenges of painting a room together.  Can this feat be mastered successfully encompassing the Virgo’s desire for a plan and the attention to all those silly details while the Pisces just wants to admire the colors, get paint everywhere, and flit from room to room.  While Mr. V. thinks of taking nails off the wall, patching the holes, and sanding them…Ms. P. has already given several existing nails and cable cords the glorious color they deserve…and has attempted to paint on the face of Mr. V.  While V. is painstakingly moving the drop cloth around the room, taking hours to prep, Ms. P. has added a subtle, yet effective little mist of paint droplets on the floor; quickly removed with a little wet towel.  He is meticulously dusting all the corners with a feather duster and she wipes the…

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