How to Make Origami Claws

these hands of mine

I will be showing you how to make my version of origami claws because it’s nearly Halloween.

There are different ways of of making these  (with square origami paper or rectangular A4 paper) and different methods (some use scissors, tape, or just paper). These can be found all over the internet (ex: YouTube, instructablesOrigami Resource Center, wikiHow). To be honest, those were the top Google search results for origami claws. I barely skimmed over them, so I’m not going to say that my method is the best because I wouldn’t know. I do know that my method is really simple and easy (my mother taught me when I was really little and I understood it then).

I own several different types and sizes of square origami paper, but I prefer to use A4 paper for this because of size. My longest finger is about 17 centimeters…

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