New Moon in Libra

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Oh hey,

So the new moon in Libra signifies a time for renewing relationships. It occurred Monday night around 19° (it’s Wednesday now and the moon is in my natal Scorpio, maybe why I feel like I am getting caught up enough to catch up).

Libra is the first sign of the zodiac to say “we are” rather than “I am.” Democracy and diplomacy are Libran ideals. Unlike Aries, who has a one-track mind in ramming down their own goals, Libra looks to the ‘other’ to get things done. This is connected to Jung’s idea of shadow, what is “you” and not “me.”

Libra is an air sign, having to do with mental energy and communication. It’s cardinal, or an initiator. Unlike Gemini, which is about expression and interplay between people and Aquarius, which is about relating to groups and mankind at large, Libra is about personal relationships. Any bond…

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