Let go of Your Attachments~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity

L'Aura October4th

The need for validation of self-worth, happiness, joy and bliss, FROM EXTERNAL sources, and the reliant Attachment of identity to this external validation, is the never-ending cycle of suffering. And the reason you keep incarnating.

True Joy, Self Worth, Love, Happiness and Bliss is from within. The Inner world within you, which is quiet, which is not attached to anything, except the experience of KNOWING that YOU ARE, is all that you can Know. And you Can experience this Pure State of BEING as the ETERNAL Joy, Love, Happiness and Bliss that you ARE Eternally.

YOU cannot experience this through attachments to the external world outside of yourself. And any attachments you HAVE (where you have placed YOUR IDENTITY and its worth to you) always leads to suffering. RECOGNIZE all those things you can’t let go of, such as, the item that you can’t let go of, the money…

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