Horary Questions Do Not Require a Yes Or No Answer! Here’s Why.

Sky Writer

Donna says: I recently received a note from my esteemed colleague, Diana Stone, the invaluable horary astrologer I have turned to in making major decisions over the years.  She is unfailingly accurate in responding to the questions and has helped me avoid many a pothole in my path.  She asked if I would help her get the word out that questions do not always need to be formed in a way that would lead to a simple yes or no answer. Life today is far too complicated for that!

Diana says, “Hi Donna, I would appreciate it if you would correct a popular misconception that is only too prevalent among “authorities.” The idea that horary questions may be answered only by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is not correct!

There are individuals who have told me they ended up not asking the horary question because they could not figure out how to…

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